Heating Safety

Aside from producing heat, space and gas heaters, fireplaces, stoves and ovens all have one thing in common: they're all leading causes of house fires.

Some of the biggest mistakes experts see are with space heaters and gas heaters.

Experts say there are several tips you should follow when using space and gas heaters:

-Make sure your heater is properly maintained.

-Make sure the flames are properly adjusted.

-Keep all combustibles at least 3 feet away from your heater.

-Never leave your heater unattended.

Using stoves and ovens to keep warm also causes house fires, but it can be deadly for a reason other than the heat.

"Carbon monoxide kills hundreds of people every year in America and that's one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide in the home during the winter," said Lufkin EMS Coordinator Steve McCool.

A carbon monoxide detector is also a good idea.

"Because carbon monoxide poisoning is somewhat elusive, signs and symptoms can be anything from nausea to headache, discoloration or redness of the skin, and it comes rather slowly. So you may just think you're having a bad day or just not feeling well when you're actually suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning," McCool said.

Experts say fireplaces pose another threat.

"You want to have a good screen on your fireplace and keep it closed. It's best not to have your fire unattended," McCool added.

As long as you follow those rules, you can stay warm and safe this fall and winter.