JOW - Receiver Aaron Rhea

by Coleman Swierc

In a season where not much has gone right for the Lumberjack football team, sophomore wide receiver Aaron Rhea is quietly becoming a top receive in the Southland Conference.  For Aaron, it may be older brother Stephon that has helped him the most.

"In football he has helped me," Aaron Rhea says.  "He has told me what receivers like to do against him, so that I can do it against other corners.  So that I can do good against other corners, so he has helped me in those kind of ways.  He has just been a big brother to me basically."

Stephon, a senior defensive back, has even learned to live with Aaron's self given nick name.

"He (Aaron) calls himself Big Play A-Ray," Stephon Rhea says.  "I can go home and he has stickers all across the door that say Big Play A-Ray."

Aaron is living up to his nick name.  The younger Rhea ranks 5th in the conference in receptions per game and ranks 4th in yards per catch.  Rhea is also coming off a career game where he reeled in 176 receiving yards and two scores.  Both touchdowns were 50 plus yards.

But Aaron has not always gone by that name.  Stephon remembers a different name for his little brother.

"He has a nick name called slow cone," Stephon says.  "Nobody really knows about it.  We ran summer track back in the day.  One track meet before he ran a 4x400 relay, he must have had eight snow cones.  Boy it showed, he got out there, and really embarrassed himself."

Either name you call him, Rhea is proving that his game is anything but slow.  Aaron Rhea is your Jack of the Week.