Restaurant Report

We'll it's Thursday, and it's time for your Restaurant Report. Tonight's report comes from Angelina County.

Nary Donuts on N. Raguet Street received 14 demerits, mainly for having dirty floors in the storage room, and dirty floors under the reach in coolers. Also no hand sanitizer was available and chemical test strips were needed.

The Hole in One Grill and Bar  at 4306 S. First Street, also received 14 demerits. The health inspectors gave them demerits for not having proper certification for all employee food handlers. The kitchen equipment was dirty. There were no thermometers in the kitchen coolers, and dirty floors in the kitchen and coolers.

Mom's Diner on the 900 block of W. Frank Street got 10 demerits for not having proper manager certification and they were using a household freezer.

Smoothie King on S. Medford got only 3 demerits. The health inspector said there needed to be thermometers in a small ice cream box.