Homecoming Float

by Christa Lollis

After the tragic loss of a fellow SFA student, members of Phi Delta Theta wanted to show the community that fraternities are more than just a stereotype. So they teamed up with elementary school students for homecoming rather than a sorority. "The kids, just the smiles on their faces they brighten up and they love this and we love doing this. It's a great cause," President of Phi Delta Theta, Joe Winston said.

For weeks the fraternity brothers worked with the students to build a float for the homecoming parade but earlier this week their hard work was ruined. Sometime Tuesday night vandals destroyed in minutes what had taken hours to build. "We woke up that morning and everybody was devastated. You know but at the same time brothers showed up and we all pitched in and worked hard together. And actually, we have a better float now than we started with," Winston told KTRE.

They say it showed the younger students that no matter what obstacles you face, you can always overcome them. They just hope everyone in East Texas realizes the fraternities really are here to do good. "It's good for the community to see that fraternities aren't bad and we do care about the community and we're not just out to party all the time," Jered Furrh, fraternity brother, explained.