Driving Jacks

by Christa Lollis

Drinking and driving can be deadly. Around 17,000 people die in alcohol related crashes each year. But, Driving Jacks hopes to change those statistics. "It's not a pretty thing to be in a car accident of any kind. It could be a fatal one with either you being the intoxicated driver or being hit by one and we're reducing both of them," Driving Jacks member, Lonnie Luna explains.

It's an organization that kicked off in January and already they've given over 1,000 rides. But they look at it as 1,000 people they've saved. "Anytime anyone ever needs a ride home we want to get them home safely with no questions asked. We never want to be condescending towards somebody and say 'oh wow you shouldn't have made this choice'. The deal is, is that someone did drink, they needed a ride home and we got them home safely," President of Driving Jacks, Matt Bodin says.

Hitting their 1,000th ride is a huge accomplishment and thanks to sponsors and donations they have been able to. "First when we started out we weren't even sure if we would have a car every week but now, like this week, we have three cars running. We've already started taking people. Everyone knows about us. We're not just some random organization," Luna said. But their goal is to reach out to the whole community. They know the hardest part is making the call but they hope everyone knows how important it is. Bodin says, "Maybe you just have to kind of put your pride aside and just go ahead and get that safe ride home. There is nothing to be ashamed about riding driving jacks home."

Every Thursday through Saturday they're waiting for your call.  So, if you've been drinking, let driving jacks take you home. To reach driving jacks call 936-652-6600