Election Preview: Trinity County Sales Tax

With election day just nine days away, there are several important key items on the ballot that could have an impact beginning as early as next year.

In Trinity county, one of those important items is the imposition of a sales tax in order to finance the operations of a special district.  This sales tax would be one half of one percent, and would be taxed on certain items.

"This sales tax would be located in the incorporated parts of the county," says Mark Evans, Trinity county judge.  "It would not include businesses inside the two city limits of Groveton and Trinity."

As a result, if you live outside of these two city limits, this sales tax, if approved, would apply for you and your community.

This sales tax is on the ballot to serve as another source of revenue for the county.

Evans says these funds would go towards many of the municipal projects that are dealt with every day.  "The collected funds through the sales tax would go towards many of the things we do on a day-to-day basis.

"Things such as law enforcement, jails, detentions, road buildings and maintenance, parks, and libraries, are just some of the projects that this money would go towards."

At this point, Trinity county would be looking at raking in around $80-90,000 dollars in a year's time frame to pay for these day-to-day operations.

Evans says that this sales tax would be a positive outlook and way of growth for the county, rather than a burden.

"The half percent sales tax will give us another source of revenue and will grow as the economy and demand for source of revenues continues to grow as well."

That, of course, could attract growth in the area, mainly from the north side of Lake Livingston.