Move It - Yoga

Off the brick streets of Nacogdoches yoga students are becoming one in mind and body. Morning Glory Yoga Studios owner, Amy Sanford shared,  "Yoga means union. A connection between both the mind and body. "

Enter the studios and you'll instantly feel relaxed. Take a class and you'll quickly learn the 15th century exercise involves 'moving it. ' Sanford explained,  " You're moving every part of your body, including your mind. Your creating strength through the positions. You're also creating flexibility. "

Yoga can be tailored to individual needs and abilities. Students talk about dramatic changes.   Debra Chatman feels younger.  " When I came in I think I took 10 years off spine started getting straighter." Even outside of class students are more aware of posture and toning. Becky Ward believes it helped her recover faster from a fractured back.  " The strength and the flexibility is just incredible. The changes, the difference you see. "

Yoga teaches students how to channel positive energy for a subtle body. The key is controlled breathing. Many students try yoga to cope with a debilitating illness or condition. Sanford said,  " It's good for many health conditions as heart conditions, arthritis conditions, a number of them, stress. "

Yoga evolves from philosophical principles, but in the western world is an exercise for physical and mental health. In other words, just another way to move it.