It's Called "The Hell House"

It's called "The Hell House" and the youth minister at Clawson Assembly of God says they are trying to send a powerful message by using reality.

Luis Salazar said, "Where some rooms might seem dark, we're not trying to glorify any of that, we're trying to show that darkness."

You walk from room to room, similar to a haunted house, but each room has a message, from the drunk uncle, to the teenager who has turned to drugs, and the fight against drunk driving.

Salazar said, "Thinking that they're invincible, trying to show them life is fragile and at any moment life can end."

They battle issues like bulimia, anorexia, racism, gay marriage and abortion. Issues that are controversial. And the reactions have been mixed.

Salazar said, "They are both positive and negative.  Hell House is an edgy ministry, it's unconventional, and our purpose is to reach people.  But, at the same time to expose this darkness."

At one point you walk through a coffin into hell, that depicts the darkness in the world.  But, at the end you find heaven. And Salazar says that is the message Hell House is trying to convey, have the Lord on your side.

The Hell House will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m.