Baby Steps

by Coleman Swierc

The first time you enter Johnson Coliseum for a Ladyjack basketball game this year, don't be surprised if you can't name more than three players leaving the tunnel.  The senior laden team from last year is gone.  This years team has only one senior, and six new freshmen.

Coach Lee Ann Riley and her troops will have a quick test coming up this Thursday, as the young Jacks will get their first taste of college basketball..

"the pace we play is so different than a lot of high schools teams," Riley says.  "The thing they have had the biggest struggle with is how we run the floor.  We run it and we run it and we run it"

"Getting them in shape was a challenge, because over the summer they thought they were." Riley adds.  "They got here and about died."

With youth comes potential.  And that potential will be vital for the Jacks success this year. Especially down low, where four freshman are expected to carry the load

"I tell them that I need, 25 to 30 points out of that group," Riley says.  "I don't care how I get it.  Someone can have ten, someone can have two another can have ten, it doesn't matter"

The only thing younger than the season so far, are the players on the court. With youthful faces racing from baseline to baseline, only time will tell if the young Jacks will will turn that potential into something greater.