Haunted House

by Christa Lollis

East Texans lined up outside the haunted house at the Nacogdoches Expo Center. Most of them probably have no idea how happy they've just made local children. "Most of the proceeds that we get from the haunted house from the patrons that come out here goes to buy gifts for children around Christmas time who otherwise wouldn't have gifts under the Christmas tree come Christmas morning," organizer, Christian Landers, explains. That's one of the main reasons the Jaycees created this frightening experience.

They've been scaring Nacogdoches for ten years. But a few years ago they teamed up with Sigma Tau Gamma to make it even more profitable. "It was just a few of us guys and we would have to run it for several weeks where as now we can get together using their help. We can get together very quickly. We can run it for four or five days and make twice as much money," Landers told KTRE.

But if you're brave enough to walk through, just know the evil is waiting inside and be ready  to run. "Generally speaking there's a lot of scared people. They would probably tell you it's worth any money that you pay to come out and do it. We have a lot of fun," Landers said.