Lake Naconiche Recreational Complex

The Nacogdoches County Parks Board is making more decisions about the Lake Naconiche Recreational Complex. This time they concern, but aren't limited to, floor plans, architectural designs and shower stalls.

Architect Ken Davis begins his presentation by saying, " First step we looked at is what is going to give us the most bang for our buck." The board is hoping about 2 million dollars will stretch far enough for an entry building, restrooms, showers and a pavilion. But to get to that point, a lot of money will have to be spent first. Civil engineer Murphy Parks explained,  " The road, water and sewer is really going to suck up the money. I mean, it's going to go pretty quickly because that's big work, big machinery, lots of dirt."

The board is wise to begin with a design that can be enhanced as more funding becomes available. Board chair, Jimmy Mize remains optimistic.  " Texas Parks and Wildlife has a lot of grant money that's available. There's lots of stipulations to getting the money, but we think we can apply for those and be successful in getting those."

The parks board is committed to creating a spot that East Texans will enjoy visiting. If planning stays on track you should be able to fish, swim and picnic at the new lake by next fall.