Does The Flu Shot Work?

by Christa Lollis

As the cold weather comes in so does the flu. If you just get one shot you might escape it. "It's not a hundred percent but they do recommend that you do get it. If you do get the vaccination it would make the symptoms less severe than if you didn't have the vaccination," Tonya LaForge, registered nurse explained.

But does the vaccination really work? KTRE's own Taylor Hemness received the shot and just days later was sick. "Took it and by no means was laid up in bed but about maybe 4 days later, maybe a week later I can home one night feeling really achy and weak and tired," Hemness said.

So why do you get the flu if you get a flu shot? Though getting the flu shot can give you side effects of flu like symptoms doctors say the flu shot itself will not give you the flu. And in fact the people who get sick soon after their shot were probably already sick. "They were previously exposed before getting the shot with the incubation period and everything. It's just kind of a coincidence but you can not get the flu from an activated strain that they give you," LaForge said. So the question is, does the flu shot work? Doctors say yes. The more years in a row you get the shot, the more strains of flu your body can fight off.

A few side effects doesn't seem to be bother those who get them. "Next year I will absolutely will get the flu shot again. My thing is I would rather have 4 days of the sniffles than a weeks worth of the flu," Hemness said. Doctors encourage anyone at high risk of getting the flu to get a the shot so you save yourself from a miserable flu.