Holistic Natural Treatment

Edith Mitchell claims she can look into your eyes and tell you what's ailing you. While peering into a woman's eyes she asked,  " So have your had some digestive difficulties? " The woman looked surprised and answered, " Oh, yeah, yes." Mitchell is an iridologist.    " Iridology is a science of analyzing the body by looking at the iris, the color part of the eyes," Mitchell explained. Mitchell says just be staring into your eyes she can determine your weaknesses and strengths. She's been naturally reading eyes for 20 years.    " I just use a light which looks into the eyes, "  smiled Mitchell.

Should you not see eye to eye with that theory, you can visit Carolyn Box. She's a reflexologist.   While flexing a woman's feet she explained, "This is a science based on the principal that there are reflexes on the feet and hand that correspond with all the of the organs and glands and parts of the body." So your big toe could be connected with your brain. A lot to think about. Naturopathic consultant Kathy Stevens said,  " We are into healthy lifestyle choices so people can build their foundations, so when illness appears they have to cope with and recover more quickly."

Physicians say they're receptive to any treatment that has been validated scientifically. They may not support all the ideas, but naturopathics say that's alright. Stevens said,  " I don't like the the term alternative. We're integrated, complimentary. Holistic." Which is primarily taking good care of your body, making wise choices and learning how to relax the natural way.

A natural health and wellness fair at Morning Glory Yoga Studios introduced a lot of practitioners to visitors. The event launched the new Pineywoods Wellness Association.