Hospice Walk

by  Christa Lollis

It's Hospice In The Pines goal to make the pain of dying as comfortable as possible. "I feel it's invaluable and especially for people who want to spend to their last days at home rather than in the hospital and I feel that's what's important.  That's what was important to my husband," Angelyn Bassinger said.

Angelyn lost her husband a few years ago but this walk is her way of honoring his memory. "This walk is in memory of the many families and patients that we care for at hospice in the pines," Demetress Harrell from Hospice in the Pines explained. That's why they have been doing this every year for the past four years. They've been by the families sides as they've lost someone so close to them. This is the hospice's way of letting those left behind continue to walk with those they've lost. "I've walked every year and I've walked in memory of my dear husband Al Bassinger," Angelyn said. And she'll keep walking each year to remember and honor the man that he was.