Hunting Begins

by Christa Lollis

At 4 a.m. the alarm clock goes off for most hunters. You have to be in your stand before daylight, but it's something most of them have been doing all their life. "I basically started hunting with dad before I could even walk. He kind of put me on his back in a backpack and he walked around the woods with me," Jamie Davis, a local hunter, said.

Hunting isn't just a one day event though. It's something that takes time and planning to make sure you're where the deer come. "I like to go during squirrel season which starts in October and look for all the new buck signs such as scrapes on the ground and rubs on the tree," Davis explained.  Then, you set up. Feeders and corn are set out throughout hunting areas.  Then the deer come to eat it.

Right now the deer corn is hard to come by though. "I sold 22 tons Friday. Last week sold 44 tons before Friday then 22 Friday and we sold out Friday," Academy manager, John Knierm said. So now, the corn is out and so are the deer. Hunters sit in their stands and get ready for action. "When I see a deer, I carry a gun with scope.  I have binoculars as well. And I look at it through there so there's as little movement as possible," Davis said.

Once Jamie finds a deer that's big enough and the right age, he'll pull the trigger and get his deer. But, just before sunset, he'll be out again, waiting for the next one.