Two East Texas Girls Wanted Hannah Montana Tickets and They Got Them

Jaida Price and Charity Capps, both Lufkin 8-year-olds, aren't shy when it comes to showing the affection they have for Hannah Montana.

Price said, "She is mostly like our idol.  We love Hannah Montana.  We always listen to her music."

Capps said, "The reason I like Hannah Montana is because she is normal like us."

Their dream is to see Hannah Montana in concert, but with tickets running a ridiculous amount of money, they took matter into their own hands.

Price said, "I'm so glad my best friend Charity sent an e-mail."

Charity said she just sent an e-mail to Hannah letting her know that she wanted tickets but her family couldn't afford them.  The girls received an e-mail back, apologizing for the inconvenience. They will get four tickets at face value.

These two are ready for the concert, they know all the songs by heart.  For an 8-year-old, it is a dream come true.