How Will School Bonds Affect You?

Voters approved a $49.5-million school bond for Lufkin Independent School District. Next week, the school board will canvass the election. The expected 2-year project will go towards improving safety and security on campus, and addressing student growth.

Roy Knight, the LISD superintendent, said, "We have the good fortune of reducing the tax rate this year, thanks to the legislature.  Our tax payers will see no impact on their tax bill until next year. We have $49.5 million in bonds to sell.  We will not sell them all at once.  We will sell them as we reach each of the construction phases."

Knight says the tax rate will be $.12 the first year per hundred dollar valuation, and reduced to $.10 from year two onward. Knight says the average home owner in Lufkin will see a $330 tax reduction on their bill this year. Next year, it will be a $210 tax reduction with the $.21 tax rate.

The Hudson school district is ready to get moving on their projects. They will be adding additional wings to their primary and elementary, and adding a cafeteria to their high school.  With state assistance, Hudson homeowners are looking at less than a hundred dollars in taxes.

Central school administrators are excited about their new primary and elementary campus, and are glad East Texans value education.

Now remember these taxes won't start reflecting until next year.