School Bond Passes

The Etoile School is saying thank you to its citizens. By an overwhelming margin a $2.7 million bond issue for a new elementary was approved by voters. Superintendent Andy Trekell shared the news with students before lunch. " You know we had the bond issue, right? And it passed and so what we're going to do is start trying to build a new school. Is that exciting?"  The students responded with a loud, yes.

People in these parts said a bond issue would never pass, primarily because of the large retiree population. Etoile is near Sam Rayburn Resevoir. Doubters underestimated their seniors. Nelda Hinton is semi-retired. She works 4 hours at the Etoile school. She believes she knows why seniors supported the bond. " I think they realized that we need it because of the buildings we have around back and the number of kids we have here and number of potential kids we could be getting. "

Trekell pointed to an old building where his office is housed and said,  " We will demolish this building." old buildings beyond repair will be replaced by a much larger kindergarten to 8th grade school. No longer will children learn in 35 year old leaking portable buildings. They'll enter a school big enough to accommodate extra classrooms, a science lab and library. Trekell said,  " The new school will link on back to our junior high and then it will work back in front of the building." Behind the school, near a park built in the honor of a woman who used to live on the property will be a pavilion that the entire community can use.

Administrators are anxious to get started as soon as possible, but they're setting their priorities straight. All major construction won't begin until after the children take their TAKs test. Groundbreaking will be in April. If all goes as planned classes will be conducted in the new school the fall of 2009.