Police Stand-Off Ends Deadly

by Christa Lollis

It was just after one o'clock in the quiet community of Grapeland when a resident ran to police in fear of her life. "A female victim came to our office and our dispatch contacted me and explained that she had been apparently beat up and assaulted at her residence," Grapeland police chief, Roger Dickey explained.Chief Dickey immediately went to the home on Sycamore.

Carlos Kratzer, the victims boyfriend, came out with a shotgun then quickly went back in. That's when Dickey called for backup. After much negotiation, Kratzer wasn't cooperating. "He told me that he was ready to end it all. Speaking very suicidal," the chief said. So authorities from five different agencies in Houston County kept their perimeter and waited for the suspects next move. When it came, it took them completely off guard. "He did come out of a side door, approached officers holding a shotgun. Again he refused orders to drop the weapon, he raised the weapon towards officers and the officers returned fire," he told KTRE. Though Kratzer never shot at officers, they felt their lives were at risk, and ended the disturbance before it could get worse.

Grapeland police are just happy the victim saved herself. Now he warns other women to do the same. "Never not report it. Always report it because it's been my experience with domestic violence that it never gets better. It gets worse each time." Dickey says the victim is still in shock but is thankful she's alive.