Veterans Day Parade

by Christa Lollis

The streets of downtown Lufkin were crowded with cheering East Texans all giving their thanks to America's military. "So many families and everybody knows someone who is in military. Every family is touched by the service of our current military," veteran, Mike Cotton said.

So many of the active soldiers are in the Middle East fighting for America's freedom as we speak. East Texans say that alone is more than enough reason to show support for those in the war zones. "It's good that they see that we do appreciate it and that we do care that they're over there and we do care about them and we are praying for them here," area resident, Ashley Harris told KTRE.

The outpouring of support was clear in Lufkin today. Some who have fought in wars before, others who may soon go, and some who just wanted to say thank you came downtown. "I'm so thankful that there are people who will go and who are brave enough to go fight for our country because I know a lot of us wouldn't want to be there," Harris said.

So many soldiers in the past have been brave though. That's why people like Mike Cotton say on veterans day showing our respect is the least we can do. "I believe we can not give enough attention and pay enough and give enough thanks to those men in the past who have given so much and sacrificed who serve in the military," he said. The support will continue for the next two days as events are scheduled around East Texas.