Honoring Veterans

by Christa Lollis

As flags fly across the country, hearts and prayers go out to those who have fought for America to be what it is today. "Veterans day is a way for the nation to honor veterans and a lot of our veterans that never returned need honor. I believe that's why we should have this day," Special Forces Veteran, Joe Spangler said.

The veterans we spoke with joined at a young age but they felt it was their duty to do it. "The veterans aren't doing it to be recognized for it. They're doing it because they feel they're called to do it," Charles Ashton Jr., Army Veteran explained. But some of the veterans feel that's something that some people forget. Though there was once a draft, the men and women who join today do it because they want to and they feel that's what today should be about. "Our military forces are all voluntary and it shows some appreciation for those that volunteer to serve their country so that everybody doesn't have to," Ashton said.

But now, with soldiers dying everyday in the middle east, these local veterans say Veterans Day means more than ever. "I think its honoring men and women who have served their country. Everybody gave something, some piece of them. And some, gave everything," Teresa Johniken, Army Veteran said.  They say to show your appreciation you don't have to do much, just tell a vet, thank you.