Lufkin Police Report - 11/12/07

BURGLARY OF MOTOR VEHICLE: 816 N. TIMBERLAND DRIVE - BROOKSHIRE BROTHERS. Complainant parked his red Ford Pick-Up truck out front unlocked and went inside for approximately 5 minutes.  When he returned he found that someone had taken his "LG" cellular telephone and Sony brand Amplifier.

THEFT: 1000 BLOCK OF MCGREGOR STREET. Complainant parked his 18-speed bicycle in front of a residence and returned approximately 1 ½ hours later to find it gone

DEADLY CONDUCT: HWY 59 SOUTH. Complainant advised that as he was coming into town on Hwy 59 he slowed to the speed limit, when a black 1994 GMC pick-up truck came up behind him and began to ride on his bumper.  When the complainant moved over, the truck pulled up beside him.  The truck was occupied by two Hispanic males, the driver was approximately 50 years of age and the passenger appeared to be in his twenties.  The passenger pointed a silver pistol towards the complainant.  The complainant slowed and last observed the truck continue north bound towards town.

BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE: ELLEN TROUT PARK - 402 ZOO CIRCLE. Someone broke out the right rear window of complainant's silver 2006 Honda.  Complainant discovered that her light blue leather purse with rope style handles was missing from inside the vehicle.

BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE: SOUTHLAND HEALTH CARE - 501 N. MEDFORD. Someone broke out the right side window of complainant's gray 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and stole the complainant's brown leather purse, along with its contents.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: CAR WASH - 2204 W. FRANK AVE. Victim advised she was cleaning her car when a male subject walked up behind her and frightened her.  She told him to back up and then got into her car.  The male began to curse her and stood behind her vehicle.  She then began to back the car up, but the male would not move.  She then began to push him out of the way with her bumper.  He continued to curse at her then hit the right rear corner of the vehicle and caused damage to the victim's vehicle.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY OF A BUILDING: HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH - 1910 S. JOHN REDDITT DRIVE. The pastor of the church advised that during the night time a young white male attempted to break into the back door of the church.  The suspect tried for approximately 15 minutes before eventually leaving.  The entire incident was recorded on video tape.