Women's Shelter Re-Opens Thrift Shop

When a SUV came crashing through the Nacogdoches Womens Shelter of East Texas Thrift Shop on March 11th quite a bit of damage occurred, but an opportunity was taken. Insurance money helped pay for a newly renovated thrift store.  On Thursday it will be open to the public.

Manager Lisa jackman said,  " We have new racks. We've cleaned it up, cleaned it out. We stocked things that have been here a long time. So what we've done is clean it up." Staff and volunteers are stocking the shelves with the best of the best of merchandise. As one staff member wrestled with coat hangers she said,  " It's really good merchandise. It really is and really good prices."

The sale of each item really matters to the women's shelter. Revenue from thrift stores in three communities support 30% of the shelter's operating budget. Beth Morgan is a regular shopper.  " I found a pogo stick here and a unicycle and I think I might have even gotten this shirt here, " she said while pointing to the shirt on her back.   The sales allow the shelter to help those in need on a daily basis. Vouchers are provided to shoppers who are served by a variety of non profit agencies.

Volunteer Jean Walter said,  " I think it's exciting to see new store. It looks like a different place here. So clean and pretty and I'm sure everybody is gonna be real happy to come in and see the difference. "

You can do your part by shopping and donating goods to the newly renovated store.   The Women's Shelter of East Texas thrift shop's opening is Thursday. The doors are open from nine to six. Special events are planned including a barbque lunch. The thrift shop is located on 1100 South Street in Nacogdoches.