Trans Texas Corridor

The Texas Department of Transportation held a meeting to announce new developments for the I-69 Trans Texas Corridor.

"What we're doing is announcing the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the kickoff of the next wave of public hearing and public input opportunities," said TxDOT Spokesman Randall Dillard.

The DEIS is a draft report of the first environmental study phase.

It gives details on how the project will affect the environment and allows citizens to voice any concerns.

"I think anytime you build a new road you're going to have concerns about how you do that the most environmentally sensitive way, and certainly when you build a road that's some 650 miles long, that's an issue," Dillard said.

Officials say the 4,000 mile corridor would have multiple lanes and stretch all the way to Mexico. It would also cut through East Texas on what is now Highway 59.

"It'll benefit people by allowing better and faster transportation, more reliable transportation. It will also provide greater and faster transportation in the event of a hurricane," Dillard added.

There are no solid plans in place to build the corridor yet. Today's study simply provided East Texans with a glimpse of what it would look like if it were built through Highway 59.

TxDOT officials say public input will shape their final decision.