Super Freeport Under Consideration

When major manufactures complete what they're making, the product is often stored on the premises. Distribution can happen in a matter or hours or a matter of months. The items can be taxed unless an entity offers the Freeport law. Nacogdoches County Chief Appraiser Gary Woods explained,  " That exempts goods in transit outside the state. Manufacturers, processed goods and that's taken advantage of by major manufacturing firms, NIBCO, Foretravel, for instance, the major firms. "

Come January 1st taxing entities can offer the Super Freeport. Tax exemptions would expand to goods that are transferred within the state of Texas.   This month many taxing entities are deciding on whether or not to adopt Super Freeport. Nacogdoches County chose not to adopt the resolution and to continue to tax goods in transit. The action can be rescinded for economic development purposes. Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation director, Judy McDonald said,  " If I have a large project that it looks like we have a very good chance of capturing for Nacogdoches County I would bring that project along with an economic development study to the county court and ask them to grant that relief."

Super Freeport automatically goes into effect if an entity does nothing...and it cannot be changed. Nacogdoches County prefers to have an option whether than forfeiting what could be thousands of dollars in tax revenue.