Man Will Serve Six Months for Injuring a Child

A 34-year-old man has pleaded guilty to the worst count of felony injury to a child and will serve about six months in prison.

The trial of Samuel Joe Johnson was expected to begin Wednesday morning. Originally, Johnson was charged with five counts of injury to a child. He pleaded Wednesday morning.

He will serve a little less than six-months at The Texas Department of Corrections. At that time he will have a shock hearing and if he was well behaved in TDC he will serve ten years of probation.

He pleaded guilty of abusing his girlfriend's four-year-old son with a belt. The district attorney's office says the child was spanked on the back with a belt and had severe and multiple bruising.

He and his 9-year-old brother are with their biological father. Johnson is to have no contact with the children.