Nacogdoches Police Report - 11/15/07

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 1100 BLOCK OF SHAWNEE STREET. The complainant reported being attached by a known suspect who had a pair of pliers. The suspect struck the victim in the back of the head with the pliers causing a small laceration. Warrant requested.

ASSAULT: 2500 BLOCK OF SARATOGA. A mother reported that her 14 year old son was assaulted by a 15 year old female who had a knife. The suspect was gone on arrival, and the victim received a small laceration to the leg during the incident. Under investigation.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1200 BLOCK OF CROSS STREET. Complainant reported driving down the street when an unknown suspect got into her vehicle and removed the keys. The suspect then fled.

THEFT: 500 BLOCK OF LENWOOD. Complainant reported two bicycles stolen from the residence over two days. Both bikes are next brand, one black and one faded green.

THEFT: 200 BLOCK OF WETTERMARK. Complainant reported that unknown suspects had removed a wallet from his room.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1400 BLOCK OF MARTISNVILLE. Complainant reported that during a disturbance, a known suspect threw a shoe and broke a window. Complainant did not wish to press charges.

RECOVERED PROPERTY: 1600 BLOCK OF HURST. A red huffy bicycle was abandoned in a yard.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 1300 BLOCK OF NORTH UNIVERSITY DRIVE. Complainant reported that an unknown suspect had used his credit card number to fund a website without permission.

THEFT: 2200 BLOCK OF COTTON STREET. Unknown suspects removed a battery from a pickup truck parked at a residence.

IDENTITY THEFT: 1300 BLOCK OF PRUITT HILL. Complainant reported that over the last month, unknown suspects used the complainant's identity to establish cable TV service in Nacogdoches.

THEFT: 200 BLOCK OF WEST CALIFORNIA. Complainant reported that a camera was missing from his residence, possibly taken by someone he knows.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 2500 BLOCK OF NORTH PECAN. At approximately 2:30 pm Wednesday, a white male suspect knocked on a door and asked the complainant for money. The suspect then lunged at the victim and cut the complainant on the arm and mid section with an unknown sharp instrument. The complainant had superficial cuts. The suspect then fled.  The suspect is described as a middle aged white male, 30-40 years old with a "pot belly". Last seen wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans.