Great American Smokeout

In Nacogdoches you can quit smoking for a song.   Lachanda Maxie celebrates with an impromptu song each time a smoker decides to quit. In her family she's surrounded by smokers and she doesn't like it. "My husband smokes. My sister smokes. My brother smokes. And I say stop the madness."

The American Cancer Society attempts that each American Smokeout Day. On Thursday Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital handed out survival kits in exchange for cigarettes. Smokers picked them up for themselves. Non smokers picked them up for smokers they know or live with.

There are many methods for a person to use when quitting smoking. Jay Knott tried them all. Then he played a trick on his mind. "I tried the gums. I tried the pills, patches, everything else in the world, but hypnosis is what worked for me."  He hasn't had a cigarette for three months.

Smokers who quit are doing themselves a favor. Nacogdoches Safe and Drug Free director, Tammi Putnam said, "I don't think they realize that there's 4,000 chemicals in one cigarette." Which in turn can cause all kinds of diseases knows Alicia Bergeron with the American Cancer Society. "Not only do cigarettes cause lung cancer, but there's been ten different cancers that have been directly linked to smoking."   And for those reasons more people are accepting the challenge to quit smoking for one day with the hope of quitting for a lifetime. For more information about quitting