Lufkin Industries Calls East Texas Home

by Christa Lollis

Lufkin Industries is a company based in East Texas That produces oilfield products, power transmission gears and trailers.  Really, they're one of a kind. "There are only 3 companies in the world that can make the gears we make and really no one makes as accurate a gear or gears that perform at the level we make. Same is true of the pumping units. Our products have a global reputation for quality and performance," Lufkin Industries President, Jay Glick explains.

The company says it's in part due to the standards they hold their products to, but also because they feel American made products are just made with more care. "The US has a lot of regulations on safety and product quality. I think there's a business ethic that operates in the US and in Europe that may not exist everywhere in the world. So, I think there are some big advantages," Glick went on to say.

Another advantage of Lufkin industries, they're bringing money to East Texas. Having such a high demand for their products means jobs stay in the area. "This company is one of the largest employers, if not the largest employer in this community. We have a local payroll of about 100 million dollars," John Havard, Human Resource Manager told KTRE.  While their employees keep the company ticking, they also feel being good community members is equally as important. "There's a lot of employees that participate in the community through boards, civic groups, working with the kids in baseball programs and all that. So, Lufkin Industries is not just a company, it's a part of this community as well," Havard said.

Lufkin Industries has been here for over a hundred years, and they're hoping for 100 more.