Alleged Robber In Court

Melinda Herzog was startled by the mugshot of the man accused of robbing her at gun point.

"It really kind of scared me because that's the first time that I've actually seen him, because the only thing that I've actually seen is mask and his eyes," she said.

Police believe Jarrod Gee went on a spree of robberies in September that stretched from Angelina County to Trinity County.

Gee was in Federal Court today in Lufkin facing gun charges for those robberies. The string of armed robberies began shortly before midnight on the 25th at the Liberty Carwash in Lufkin.

Then around 6 o'clock the next morning, Gee allegedly hit a woman with a car while she was walking in the Brookhollow subdivision.

What Gee is believed to have done next still bothers Herzog to this day.

"It happened so quickly! he just came in the door and he had to be watching because he knew exactly where I was in the store," she told us.

A masked Gee allegedly ran the Apple Springs video store with a shotgun, tied Herzog up, and robbed her.

"Nothing like this has ever happened. Especially a little video store right down the road. The smallest business in town that hardly makes any money," Herzog said.

Gee then allegedly robbed the Homer Mini Mart less than two hours later.

Robbery and burglary charges are still pending, but if Gee is convicted on gun charges, he could face up to 10 years in prison.