Tour De Nac

by Christa Lollis

For more than a decade East Texans have come to celebrate the nine flags festival. This year the Tour de Nac was added in hopes of bringing in those who may not have been a part of the festival before. "It takes you through the brick streets of downtown, takes you through the historical points so the people that don't know Nacogdoches and even those that live here, get to stroll through those streets and just see the beautiful countryside and see our area around us," Ashleigh Mccorkle, organizer, explained.

Now she is hoping this event catches on with everyone else. "We just thought, we wanted to spice up the 9 flags festival a little bit so we would add a bike ride. We had some interest in our committee in doing this so we decided to do a 53.3 and 7.8 mile ride." Cyclists seemed to be excited about the ride. Saying it's all part of a new trend. "I think it's good to include this because cycling has become a fun family sport and a thing that's picking up a lot of momentum around Nacogdoches," Nacogdoches resident, Kalin Kendrick explained.

While this was the first annual, organizers and riders hope it won't be the last. "It's something that my family enjoys doing and we have a lot of friends that like to participate as well. We just thought it would be a great way to support the 9 flags festival," Kendrick said. Tour de Nac was just one of many events to kick of the festival that lasts through December.