Rudolph Lighting

by Christa Lollis

For the past few days Rudolph the red nosed pumping unit has been at the Lufkin mall, but tonight he was finally lit up. "This is a tradition that's gone on for a number of years now. Lufkin really does it for the community. It's the way of giving back to the community and helping start the holiday season every year," Jay Glick, Lufkin Industries President, explained.

It's something Lufkin Industries has been doing for 41 years. "We've never missed a year but its interesting the tradition has just sort of lived on and on from its beginning," Glick said. And what would the holiday season be without Santa. He was there too, eating milk and cookies with all the kids. But he reminds them that Christmas is just around the corner. "They just need to be good, mind their mom and dad and things like that," Santa Claus warns children.

He'll be out there making his list and checking it twice. So don't forget to make your list for him so your Christmas tree is surrounded by presents. "They can come to the mall and drop off their list at Santa's mailbox or something like that or just send it to the North Pole," Claus told the kids. Santa will be at the Lufkin mall until Christmas Eve and Rudolph the pumping unit will pump everyday through the end of the year, because what would Christmas in East Texas be without it. "I think there would be a hole in the holiday season that would be hard to fill. So, I don't think we'll stop doing it," Glick said.