Move It - Rock Climbing

A sport that takes you to high places without the altitude sickness is indoor rock climbing. The sport tests your physical and intellectual stamina. Preston Goodell explained,  "Most people think that you need a lot of upper body strength to start climbing, but really you use your leg more than anything else to help you up. Sometimes you rely on your arms, more than others, but a lot of times it keep you on the wall for balance. " Erin Davis added,  " Just like any other sport it's 90% mental and 10 % physical."

Indoor rock walls are free standing monoliths that can be custom designed for any skill level. Various hand and foot holds can be designed to simulate any mountain side or other vertical structure that's climbed. Davis said,  " I know people who climb buildings."

Safety is a big concern. You put your bottom in a harness, secured by strong climbing knots and a spotter is always there, just in case. Experienced climbers say it's easy and are quick to say   " Anybody can do it."

So if you're looking for a move it sport that's out of the ordinary check out rock climbing. The 39-foot wall at SFA isn't opened to the public, but climbing walls can be found in most major cities.