Zavalla Cancer Concerns

A plentiful water supply is a vital part of any community, but here in Zavalla, some residents believe it's the water that may be causing cancer in the city's children.

"We don't know why these children have cancer or why we have so many here in the last two years. We just want to try to find an answer if we can," Zavalla City Secretary Donna Marshall said.

Zavalla city officials aren't the only ones who want answers. So do residents.

"The superintendent at the school called and she told me that the parents were really concerned and they were going to allow them to bring bottled water," Marshall said.

School officials say they have talked to several parents who have questions, but they also want to make it clear that this not the type of situation where they've been bombarded by parents demanding answers.

"Today our elementary principal said that he had two or three parents contact him. But since we found out about people's concerns, we have ben directing them to the city hall, which of course will be conducting the water tests," Zavalla ISD Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ray said.

"We just want to calm everybody down and assure them that we think the water is fine to drink. We have our water tested monthly, annually and then every two to three years. They do an in depth analysis on our water," Marshall told us.

Zavalla city leaders will recommend more tests are done on the city's water supply at tonight City Council meeting.