Lions "Sleep" Well Tonight

For the past 45 years in Livingston, the Thanksgiving holidays have been about...well, Thanksgiving.  But this year, things are different.  For the first time since 1962, the Livingston Lion football team has advanced past the first round of the playoffs, and will be playing on the Thanksgiving holiday.

"We have started a new tradition, we talk an awful lot about making history, so what is important now is what we have accomplished, and what we are going to accomplish as a team," said Lion head coach Randy Rowe.

Just a few years ago, Rowe brought life back to the Livingston program, when his team made the 2005 playoffs for the first time since 1996.  Now, the tradition is growing, after the Lions shredded Manor 42-13 in the first round.

The next game for the Lions will be a historic one, as hardly anyone can remember back to a time when the Lions were playing on Thanksgiving.

"That was a little before my time, but I think it means a whole lot, our kids are excited and we talk an awful lot about playing for our school, family and community," Rowe added."

Senior Andrew Boyce added, "It means alot to this community, alot of the old folks around here, you still see them hanging out at the Whataburger and the donut store, they can tell you every play, back when they played, it is an awesome thing for the community, it means alot."

In the most improbable of seasons, the Lions, a team 45 years in the making, will look to re-write the record books this Friday at 1 o'clock against Houston Washington from Turner Field in Humble.