Oil & Gas Revenue

The oil and gas industry has been good to the city of Nacogdoches for the last two years. There's no reason to doubt the benefits won't continue. Nacogdoches Deputy Manager, Victoria LaFollett-Koenig said, " The sales tax is up. The royalties the city receives on some of the property that we leased to the oil companies has been an unexpected addition to our revenue, so it's been a very positive experience for us. "

In the last year nacogdoches has received $500,000 in oil and gas royalties. And when private landowners get a check of their own, the city continues to benefit. LaFollett-Koenig said,  " We have people here in Nacogdoches that have royalty checks they are receiving and suddenly they have some expendable income and with that expendable income they're buying things that they may have put off purchasing."

Then there's the expansion of existing businesses. Nabours, a salt water disposal company is ten times bigger than it was two years ago. Operations superintendent, George Stogner said,  " We started out a couple of years ago with three employees and since then we've gone to 32 full time employees. These are well paying jobs, so it benefits a lot of families here. " The company is building a state of the art collection facility. They're not worried about the oil and gas industry playing out. As long as the wells are producing they'll have a job. Drilling activity is expected to continue at least another seven years.