Window Artist Decks the Streets

William Hoffman can't walk down Main Street without visualizing a painting on crystal clear canvasses.    " This is more the old traditional style." said Hoffman with paintbrush in hand. Hoffman creates window art. Around Thanksgiving he takes a break from painting 10% off advertisements on store front windows. He turns to holiday fanfare. He described a window he was doing for a shop that specializes in Texas items.  " With nacogdoches being the oldest town in Texas we decided to go with something western with a Stetson and a we're using horseshoes and then we're gonna blend in the holly leaves around the edge."

The design strategy is to cover the window, but not so much you can't see in or out. Hoffman shared,  " It's good to work in the corners and make that a focal point and sort of just work your way around the corners the rest of the window frame."

With his pallet filled with the primary colors of red and green, Hoffman goes to town to fill the window with festive drawings. Eventually he always has a little company. There's always someone who stops to watch him at work.  " It's flattering that they find it interesting enough to want to watch," said Hoffman as two little girls watched him paint away.

Hoffman's work attracts customers into the stores he decorates. The window art itself is his advertisement. He always gets a new job following each completed job. One admirer said,  " It's so cute. I love the cowboy hat and the horseshoes." window art by William Hoffman. Just one of the traditional styles of holiday decorations you'll find in downtown Nacogdoches.