Godtel Thanksgiving Dinner

Workers at the Lufkin Godtel spent the entire day fixing a huge Thanksgiving dinner. And their hard work didn't go unnoticed.

"I just think it's a delicious meal! We've eaten everything under the sun from turkey to ham and dressing," said Elton Hancock, who attended the dinner.

Lufkin Godtel officials prepare meals for those in need every day, but they really enjoy the reaction they get from those who come to eat with them during the holiday.

"They love it! It's pretty special having people show a little interest in them and it's a way for the community to show that people do care. People that are hurting and people that are having problem in their lives. It's shows them that people do care," Lufkin Godtel Vice President Martin Baker told us.

It's knowing that the people at Godtel and others in the community actually care that touches those at today's dinner the most.

"It feels good! A lot of people aren't able to eat good meals and on thanksgiving a lot of people don't have a Thanksgiving, so it's blessing to come here and get a meal on the holidays," Charles Hamilton said.

"I think it's fantastic! I think a lot of people would be lost if not for Godtel and the people that run it," Ashley Lothery agreed.

Many of the people at today's dinner came because they weren't able to spend the holidays with their families.

"For whatever reason they just don't have that relationship with their families anymore. Maybe their families are gone or just alienated or whatever. But this gives them the opportunity to be with a group and we've become their family," said Baker.