Parade Of Stars

East Texans as young as 3 are already learning why serving your community is so important. The Top Ladies of Distinction are now showing them how important they are. "We have many, many community youth who will be stars tonight. They're stars academically. They are stars with their talent. They are athlete stars," Dorothy Chimney, explains.

Chimney is with the Top Ladies of Distinction and explains that this was the 26th annual Sepia Fashion Revue and over the years it's raised over a hundred thousand dollars in scholarships for local students. Without it some may not be able to get a college education. "We know that children now and particularly middle income need all of the assistance they can get. We know that it's not anything that will keep them in school for a full 4 year period of time but books are almost $90 each," she tells KTRE. The scholarship recipients are members of Top Teens of America.  They do community service and learn what being a community leader is all about. Chimney said, "It is wonderful to teach children how to give back to their community. We know that volunteerism runs this country."

The students in the Top Teens group are as young as 13 but the Ladies of Distinction say it's never to early to give back. "We want them to become involved very early so that they will feel a need to participate in things that make a difference in their community. It is their community and so the better the community is, the better they will be."And these kids are on their way to making East Texas an even better place to be.