Wassail Fest

The downtown shops were serving up their best wassail and hoping East Texans would sample it and what their shops have to offer. "Well it brings people downtown and it adds to the festivities and it gives us a reason to serve wassail. On a cold, rainy day like today I think it is especially nice,"Andi Rigby, Manager of The Cottage said.

Wassail is a cider made with spices and apple juice. Each store had their own version so shoppers could go from door to door to sample. "It's just something that the downtown businesses can do to bring people into their stores and to kind of give back to the community and make things fun," Gerry Larabee of Hearts of Texas explains.

Despite the rain many people came out to enjoy the sweet wassail. "The weather does not hold people back very much because it is an indoor event and people can go in and out of different stores with their umbrellas. With it nippy outside the hot wassail is really attractive and people are having fun," Larabee said. Businesses downtown seem happy with the turnout. Bringing people to the brick streets is what the festival is really all about. "I think there's such an ambiance of all the small shops and I think coming downtown would only improve our area, that more businesses would come down here if more people would come," Rigby said.