Dangerous Roads

Beginning Wednesday night roads were backed up throughout East Texas. Traffic jams were backing up major highways. All the cars on the roads meant more activity for local police. "Over the last 24 hours we have had 22 car accidents, 4 of those were major accidents resulting in injuries," Lufkin police officer Bud Parham explained. Though none of them were fatalities there were a couple throughout the East Texas area.

Fender benders are common when bad weather comes through. "People not paying attention. It's raining, snowing, ice on the roadway stuff like that," DPS trooper John Henley told KTRE. The snow was in North Texas, though this area still dealt with plenty of thunderstorms. Police were dealing with plenty of messes. "Of course it's been raining and the roads are real slick but the major cause is everyone's going too fast. Failure to control speed which means they're slamming into the back of a car in front of them or their just traveling too fast or too close," Parham said.

Not slowing down during bad weather means you're not only putting yourself at danger but you're also breaking the law. "Texas law actually says you need to slow down and drive for the conditions then and there existing. So, if it's raining you need to slow down a few miles and don't just go the speed limit. Just because it says it's 55 go at a safe speed and control your vehicle," Parham warns drivers.  So, watch the weather and the roads.