Cyber Monday

David Welch is an experienced Internet shopper. E-bay is his favorite on Cyber Monday or any other day.    " I was looking to see if there were any sales going on today on E-Bay," said Welch mid-morning on Cyber Monday. Welch joins millions of Americans who spend a lot of work hours Internet shopping.  " I'm so guilty of that. I'm embarrassed to say I do spend way too much time on the Internet when I'm at work."

The owner of a packaging service says he would have another view on the practice for his employees. One exception...if they're doing it for Welch's newest branch of business. He's running an online auction service. Welch explained,  " We act as an intermediary for an individual who wants to sell something, but has no idea how to work with E-Bay or may not be able to work with a computer."

While an avid e-commerce customer, Welch says he only uses it for hard to find items, like car parts for his son's old Volvo. You see, Welch is a downtown retailer. He knows how enticing free shipping offers and the fact that online sales this holiday are estimated to rise by 21% to $33-billion. Sales like that can cut into his business and that of his business neighbors. Welch said,  " It's always a concern. The things we're able to do that the E-bay or Internet can't ever, is that we can get your hands on what it is you're buying locally."

So where does welch do his holiday shopping? Downtown Nacogdoches, of course.