Allegations of prejudice against an East Texas teacher

Clora Mitchell thought her daughter's senior year at Kennard High School would go just fine until she came home and told her she was having problems with one of her teachers.

"She was always making some kind of racial remark. And then she made them watch some kind of slave film. She brought it out three times," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says a film about slavery might have been appropriate in a history class, but not in her daughter's work study class.

"She said, 'that's why I didn't tell you mom. Because I knew if I told you about her showing the film about slavery, I knew that you were going to say something.' I told her, 'I'm going to say something because that's wrong.'" Mitchell told us.

Mitchell talked with the teacher in question and the high school principal, but nothing changed. Kennard ISD Superintendent Gary Jacobs tells us he wasn't aware of the situation, because he's only been on the job for a week. He does say that he has an open door policy for any concerned parents or students.

"I want to help everybody. I want us to be very successful, and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to build a relationship here within the community, with the parents and everybody. So I want to reach out to this lady, reach out to whoever has any concerns," said Jacobs.

"There's some great people in this school, and there's some terrible people in this school. But if we're going to do things in this school, do them right. Let's do it right. And we can love and get along together," Mitchell said.

Superintendent Jacobs promises to look into the allegations.