Kilgore Dorm Evacuated Update

A gas leak in Nolan Hall at Kilgore College sends 41 people to the hospital Wednesday morning.

Evacuated students say dozens of their classmates rushed out of the girls' dormitory falling to their knees.  One witness said, "All the girls were laying out and crying and saying they couldn't breathe and the ambulance was here and it was a mess this morning, it was horrible."

It all started between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. when students were told to evacuate the building.

Investigators say several of the girls passed out.  It has since been determined that it was carbon monoxide.  For now, 40 of the people hospitalized are doing OK, but one person remains in the hospital for observation.  Campus officials tell us the furnace that was leaking carbon monoxide was an older furnace and they have replaced it with a new one.

Also, the college has offered to provide housing at the Ramada Inn in Kilgore for students who don't feel comfortable staying at Nolan Hall.