Luxury Saddles

For nearly 30 years the West brothers have been building saddles that are second to none. They started their business just after high school, with a wish and a dream. "Well I decided that's what I was going to do and at the last minute myBrother, who graduated the year behind me, decided to go too," Danny West explained. So they set off to Amarillo to a trade school that taught them how to create the perfect saddle.

Until just recently the brothers worked together, sending their saddles all over the country. Now they each have their own businesses and they both specialize in building a saddle from the ground up. A saddle starts out as pieces of wood put together, known as a tree, but after 40 hours of labor you end up with a detailed saddle as your final product. Those details are not easy. It's something that takes time and perfection. "The very beautiful intricate, laid off patterns, yes they have to flow just right, and if you make a mistake it's just about impossible to correct," West said. That's why Danny takes his time with all his projects, and makes sure he puts out a product that stands alone. They're so good, even president bush has one.

The business isn't just saddles though. "I am so diversified. I go from knife scabbards to gun slings to gun scabbards to stirrup leather to realigns to restrings. Whatever comes in the door." It's an art that the West brothers found their niche in and perfected. But they say the area played a huge role in what they've become today. "At times we thought there weren't more cowboy, saddle oriented places to be than East Texas and there probably is but this is where our roots were and this is where we got started," Danny told KTRE. Though he loves what he does, Danny doesn't know that he'll do it forever. For now though, he's got plenty of projects on the table.