Lufkin Police Report - 12/3/07

THEFT : 1112 S. TIMBERLAND DRIVE - LONG JOHN SILVERS. Complainant reported that someone stole the two-way drive thru speaker sometime during the night.

ASSAULT : 700 BLOCK OF LOCKE STREET. Man and his estranged wife got into an altercation, while he was dropping of his son at her residence.  It involved some pushing and shoving after she tore up a picture of his new girlfriend.

THEFT: 1300 BLOCK OF SAYERS STREET. Complainant advised that she borrowed a jacket from a man and left $7.00 in the jacket pocket when she returned the jacket.  When she went back to get the money, he accused her of stealing his marijuana out of the jacket pocket and would not give her back the $7.00.  When asked about the money, the man advised that the complainant had originally stolen the jacket from him and that he had got it back when he saw her walking down the street.  He denied that there was any marijuana or money in the pocket.

ASSAULT: 601 WINDSOR STREET - MORRIS FRANK PARK. Victim claims that he was intentionally struck in the mouth by an opponent during a soccer match.  According to the victim and witness, this soccer team is the same team that the police have been called about previously for assaulting other players during the soccer games.