Sciences Introduced To Pre-Schoolers

Head Start pre school teacher Dian Wise presents a big book on measurement to four and five years olds. For youngsters that young, a yard stick is something new.   The lesson is part of a regional literacy based research project sponsored by the University of Texas Children's Learning Institute.

Wise received specialized curriculum training on how to after the story give youngsters a new look at math and science. Jennifer Glover is the teacher's mentor in the study. " These teachers are very innovative and they are very cooperative and eager to learn new concepts new ideas and new things for the benefit of the children."

As west introduces more concepts, notes will be taken. The end of result should be a learning solutions supported by documented research. West said,  " That's a foundation for starting different things. More or less some concepts that will help them at an early age. " Wise is convinced what she's teaching her pre schoolers will pay off when they hit the high school chemistry labs.