Viewer Comments on Personal Forecast and Thunder call

Check out what some of our viewers are saying about the StormTracker 9 Personal Forecast and the StormTracker 9 ThunderCall!

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Just to say I really appreciate the great things you are doing to keep folks in the "outback" informed of upcoming weather.  The Weather 9 Personal Forecast, homepage, and above all, the Thunder call are simply super.  Just keep it coming!!  Thank all of you so much - D. E.

I am pleased with the email that you send with the weather news.  I check it each day and appreciate what you are doing.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  We feel like good friends are coming by when you are on the air.  - Laverne

I absolutely love them (Personal Forecast emails).  It is very helpful when a storm breaks out in the middle of the day or night and the news is not on, etc., you can find out what is going on... that is if you have electricity!  Thank you for taking the time to provide this service. -Donna B.

This is one of the best things I have ever signed up for.  It is great to get my personal weather notification.  KTRE, thanks for this service.  - C. Weaver, Lufkin

I signed up for the Thundercall service recently.  It is very helpful since the weather radios do not receive service in this area.  I live on the lake and the wind sends all our things flying.  Thundercall lets me beat the severe weather!  Thanks for the service.  - Mark C., Crockett

I enjoy my Personal Forecast very much.  I stay well informed of the weather.  It is a sure way of staying on top of the weather when I miss you at 5-6 and 10.  I very seldom miss you.   I am very proud of my Thundercall also.  - Maurice F.

I check it (Personal Forecast) everyday.  I look forward to getting it and planning my day around your forecast.  I feel safer in bad weather because you keep me updated.  A job well done.  Thanks.  - Judy

I enjoy getting the weather up dates by e-mail. I miss the news sometimes and I will go to the computer and get the news and weather reports by e-mail. I know if there is a storm approaching I will get the telephone call and that is assuring. I live in Nacogdoches. Thanks KTRE for these services. -Faye S., Nacogdoches

I really enjoy my Personal Forecast page. Before the KTRE forecast page, I was unable to watch the news because of the hours that I work, but now I just log on when its convenient for me and catch up on all the local news and weather for our area. I have even passes this bit of info on to family and friends who are unable to receive KTRE. Thanks again! -Gregory T.