Hoping For Help

A group of East Texans screamed for help today. It wasn't a bad scream though.  They were screaming for a bus to come to Lufkin. "What we're asking the ABC's extreme makeover to do is not rebuild my home or anyone else's home that's here. We're asking them to come out here and on this property that we already have. We're asking them to build a 10 to 12 bed facility for the women."

It's a facility called seasons of hope. They're hoping it will help East Texas women get past the rough patch in their lives. It's something they feel is desperately needed here. "Within the last year we have probably sent 12 of our local women to different facilities 100 miles or more away." They feel that helping the women get an education and jobs is a big part of it. Some volunteers say it's not just about the women. "I think there's not anyone that doesn't have a heart for the children and if you have a heart for the children you have to have a heart for the women in need because you're going to be giving these children their mothers back."

The group today was filming the video going to extreme home makeover. They know what they did today is going to be a part of Lufkin history. "You're on the ground floor of it and it's something you're going to get to see grow and when this thing is going you're going to know you were here from the beginning. So it was exciting today."  Now, they'll wait for the bus to come.  The show usually responds within two months if you are picked.