Center Shooting Update

by Jessica Cervantez

Was it a case of self defense, or aggravated assault?  Investigators in Center are waiting to interview the victim of a weekend shooting before they decide whether or not charges will be filed.

Police have identified the shooter in a weekend shooting as the victim's girlfriend's mother. Lawmen responded to an assault call at the 12-hundred block of Kendall street in Center.  They arrived at the scene and separated a couple, a 21-year old female and 27-year old Derrick Dwayne Edwards.  Police say after a brief struggle, Edwards was arrested.  They then discovered that Edwards had been shot in the back of his shoulder and had another gun shot wound to the back of his head.

Officers learned that the female's mother, 77-year old Blue Bell Jenkins shot Edwards after being unable to stop what she says was an assault on her daughter by Edwards.  Edwards was taken to a local hospital and then lifeflighted to L-S-U Louisiana, where he had surgery.  He is expected to make a full recovery. No arrests have been made.

Police are waiting to interview Edwards after he is released from the hospital.  We'll have continuing coverage of this story as new information is released.